Come One Come All!

How The Railroad Changed The Circus: Digital Book

Have you ever fed an elephant? Have you ever seen a person do tricks while riding a horse? When was the last time you saw a clown or acrobats flip high in the air? Have you ever heard a big band orchestra play? People used to do all of this and so much more in one day at the circus. Find out how the railroad changed the circus in this digital book!

For Teachers

Digital Book with Pear Deck

Hey Teachers! Looking for a syncronistic or asychronystic activity for your class? Look no further! Explore how the railroad changed the circus with this interactive digital book with Pear Deck!

Teacher’s Instructions

1. Download the presentation below

2. Share it with your class via your private code

3. You can present it as a synchronistic presentation or assign the storybook as an synchronistic activity.

4. Students must answer the Pear Deck questions before moving to the next page.