Horses To Horsepower

Station 1: Achieving The Impossible

Learn about Theodore Judah, surveyor and map maker for the Transcontinental Railroad, and make your own map!

Achieving the Impossible!

Station 2: Overcoming Obstacles

Learn about the Chinese Railroad Workers and share your thoughts on Flip Grid! You can also make your own dried fruits and vegetables!

Overcoming Obstacles

Station 3: DONE! The Gold Spike Ceremony - Matching Activity

Read about the Gold Spike Ceremony then test your memory with a matching game!

DONE! The Gold Spike Ceremony - matching activity

Station 3: DONE! The Gold Spike Ceremony - Writing Activity

Pretend you are a reporter at the Gold Spike Ceremony on May 10, 1869. Write a story or make a video about the day’s events and share it on Flip Grid!

DONE! The Gold Spike Ceremony - writing activity

Station 4: Safety and Comfort on The Rails

Learn about railroad inventors and make an invention yourself! Share your invention on Flip Grid.

Safety and Comfort on the Rails

Station 5: Feeding a Growing Nation

Design your own fruit crate label or postcard that shows the amazing fruits and vegetables produced in California!

Feeding a Growing Nation