Birthday Parties

Celebrate a birthday at the California State Railroad Museum

Union Pacific Caboose

Kid’s birthday parties – Capacity 15

A real, honest-to-goodness railroad caboose, the Union Pacific Caboose, is located adjacent to the Central Pacific Railroad Passenger Station. The Caboose is ideal for children’s birthday parties and is available for stationary (non-moving) rentals only. The Caboose can accommodate 15 guests with nearby picnic tables available to assure that larger groups have ample room to celebrate. The cost of a 4-hour rental (including prep and clean up time) is $300 and also includes the additional experience of a train ride on the Sacramento Southern Railroad (when operating, usually weekends April - September) or Museum passes during off-season rentals for up to 10 guests. A discount may apply for those not interested in the additional train ride or Museum passes. 

The Union Pacific Caboose may be rented February - October.

For more information, fee structures, terms and conditions, contact:

  • Railroad Museum Facilities Rentals: (916) 893-3534
  • Email us for more information

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