Museum Revitalization

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Jr. Engineer Discovery Zone

A re-imagined child’s Junior Engineer Discovery Zone will provide a space that lets imagination, creativity, discovery, inspiration and exploration thrive. From dressing up like a railroader to exploring the world of STEM, the redesign process is focused on community-input from parents, guardians, teachers and more.

The Chinese Experience

Planning is underway to share the story of the Chinese Railroad Workers in ways that allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the toil and experiences that will bring history to life, bringing empathy, tolerance, reflection and understanding to their compelling story of perseverance.

Gold Spike

We also see the year ahead bringing a fresh look to the Golden Spike area of the Museum, bringing deeper connectivity to the experience.

Women of the Railroad

The theme of this new exhibit will be to share women's voices of empowerment through their railroad stories, highlighting their occupations, roles, and diversity.

Transporting Mail by Rail

An expanded exploration of the significant contribution of Railroad Post Office Mail Clerks and the impact on rural communities having connected the country from coast to coast.

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