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Mimbres Classic Mysteries: Reconstructing A Lost Culture Through

Mimbres Classic Mysteries Reconstructing A Lost Culture Through Its Pottery

The figurative pottery designs of Mimbres classic culture (A.D. 1000-1150) have long inspired archaeologists, artists, designers, and Southwest travelers alike. 

Today there is still relatively little known about the Mimbres people who depicted daily and ceremonial life in ancient America's most literal designs. 

Featuring more than seventy-five of the most remarkable examples of Mimbres prehistoric figurative art that uniquely depicts evidence of Mimbres life, culture, and environment, these pottery designs, reconstructed and distilled in digital renderings and presented in an animated story, offer us a window into this fascinating Southwest culture. Along with the remarkable colorful motif interpretations, the author uses the designs to sketch out additional information about this lost culture, including hypothesizing about the Mimbres view of nature, and the artists themselves.

  • Author Tom Steinbach, Sr.
  • Softcover, 184 pages
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