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Southern Pacific Painting And Lettering Guide


This edition of the painting and lettering guide is a revision of the first painting and lettering guide, which was published in 2013 by the Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society (SPH&TS). It corrects a number of errors and omissions found in the first printing of the painting and lettering guide. A number of additional drawings and photos are included based on additional information located since 2013. The original guide was designed as a companion to the five volumes on Southern Pacific passenger cars published by the SPH&TS over the last 10 years. It illustrates how Southern Pacific (and subsidiary) owned passenger cars were painted and lettered over the years, as well as paint schemes applied to foreign road and Pullman-operated cars that operated on SP lines from time to time. "Painting and lettering information regarding Southern Pacific steam and diesel locomotives and motor cars is also included.

Authors Jeffrey Alan Cauthen & John R. Signor, spiral bound 160 pages.

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