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Take the Pike's Peak Route: Passenger Trains on the Colorado Midland, 1887-1900

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The Colorado Rail Annual No. 34 chronicles railroad history from 1887 to 1900 in great detail, showing the human side of the Midland narrative. Colorful stories found in this new volume include the trials and tribulations of Midland employees, drunken Swedish miners who fell off the train, and a father chasing his runaway daughter to Leadville, which serve as fascinating examples.

Interesting chapters such as “Spooky Victorian Railroad Stations and Hotels,” “Ride With a Mormon to Old Mexico,” and “Trip With a Kodak over Hagerman Pass” compel further reading. Salient topics – such as the 1894 Cripple Creek Strike and the Pullman boycott in Colorado – are covered more thoroughly than in previous books.

A selection of timetables and advertising brochures is faithfully reproduced, showcasing the vivid color and imaginative illustrations used by Colorado Museum in the 19th century. Plentiful diagrams of Pullman cars, maps of Midland trackage, and schematics of depots are included.

This carefully researched book is filled with 461 illustrations, including 86 in full color; 27 maps; 35 plans and equipment drawings; extensive endnotes; and an index.

Authors Adrian and Art Hundhausen, 368 pages.

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