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The Shay Locomotive: An Illustrated History


The Shay Locomotive - An Illustrated History is the most complete, thorough, and accurate book ever produced on this unique and storied locomotive. The authors have spent decades researching, collecting photos, and organizing the information in this all-new volume. The book features:

  • More than 600 pages More than 1000 photos, illustrations, and drawings
  • Complete listing of every Shay built by shop number, by owner/operator, and by location
  • Lima’s involvement in the Shay from the first locomotive by Ephraim Shay in 1881 to the last Shay built in 1945
  • Photographs of every single surviving Shay
  • 3 Appendices of Patents, Drawings, and Specifications
  • Wrecks and mishaps
  • Mechanical evolution, and so much more!

Authors Richard A. Henderson, John C. Benson, George R. Kadelak, Steve Hauff. hard cover 639 pages.

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