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Transcontinental Railroad: Hidden Wonder Of The World

Transcontinental Railroad Hidden Wonder Of The World Dvd

For the first time, the hidden wonders of one of America's greatest construction and engineering feats are revealed on camera.

Come along and visit the abandoned granite tunnels, stunning trestles, gigantic cuts and breathtaking scenery traversed by the Transcontinental Railroad.

Did you know you can walk through the original tunnels built by the Central Pacific Railroad in the 1860s? Or see the original hand-built road bed? For five years a team of documentary film makers and historical researchers worked to locate and chronicle the secrets of the Transcontinental Railroad. Now you can visit the sites that only a privileged few have ever seen. Filmed in the beautiful foothills and high mountain passes of the Sierra Nevada, you will visit the Gold Rush towns, Chinese encampments and lookout posts in one of the most scenic areas in North America.

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