Dedicated to protecting and sharing California’s railway heritage, the California State Railroad Museum Foundation works to bring railway history to life.


As the driving force behind North America’s finest railroad destinations, we are constantly striving to preserve our shared history, inspire future generations, and educate the global community about the past, present, and future of railroad technology and innovation.

About the Foundation

The California State Railroad Museum Foundation (CSRMF) is an official cooperating association with California State Parks and a 501 (3) c organization. CSRMF provides funding for ongoing support of numerous programs at the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento, Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in Jamestown, and the future Railroad Technology Museum.

The mission of the CSRMF is to generate revenue and awareness on behalf of its destinations, while supporting the preservation, interpretation and promotion of our railroad heritage.

Staff & Board

Cheryl Marcell
President & CEO
(916) 445-5527

Shell Mercurio
Director of Finance & Human Resources
(916) 324-4558

Tom Grenache
Director of Retail Operations
(916) 324-5718

Tim Schroepfer
Director of Events & Marketing
(916) 324-8859
[email protected]

Wendy Phoenix
Director of Development
(916) 407 -2213
[email protected]

Lori Hanley
Museum Projects & Communications Manager
(916) 324-3747

Megan Villapudua
Events & Programs Manager
(916) 445 - 2560

CSRMF Board of Directors

Thomas (Thom) M. Gilbert, CPA

William (Bill) A. Gould, Jr.
Vice Chair

Robert (Bob) Slobe
Vice Chair

Roger Baccigaluppi
Vice Chair

Jim Houpt
Vice Chair

Jack H. Walston
Vice Chair/CFO

Wesley Yee, DDS

Cheryl Marcell
President & CEO

Richard (Dick) L. Boje
Chair Emeritus

Christopher I.M. Houser
Chair Emeritus



The California State Railroad Museum Foundation is pleased to present our year ending statement of activities. It is our mission to raise and manage funds to support the California State Railroad Museum and Railtown 1897 State Historic Park

Audited Financial Statements

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