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Big Four

Library & Archives are open by appointment only, Monday thru Friday. Please call (916) 323-8073 or e-mail us at [email protected] to schedule a visit. Your appointment is not confirmed until you hear from CSRM staff.

Please Note: All inquiries and requests to view materials should be sent to [email protected]. The Library & Archives offer up to 30 minutes of research time per request, and is usually answered in 2-3 weeks. Retrieval of material from offsite storage requires 1-2 weeks advance notice. Reproduction orders typically take 3-4 weeks; advance payment is required.

Reading Room Rules

The Reading Room is located on the second floor of the Big 4 building.

  • Sign in and register at the reference desk upon arrival
  • Coats and bags must be checked-in
  • No food or drinks permitted
  • No pens, only pencils or electronic devices
  • Camera usage requires staff approval
  • Library and archival material never leaves the Reading Room
  • Reduce noise out of respect for researchers
  • Follow all staff instructions regarding care and handling of material
  • Staff reserves the right to deny reproductions based on condition and copyright status
  • Return all material to its original location

Library collections held off-site in the California Statewide Museum Collection Center are available for research, provided staff is given at least one-week advance notice. Staff will bring requested materials to the Reading Room once per week on Thursday.