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Information about school field trip programs, Digital Interpretive Programs, and resources for teachers.

Free School Programs & Field Trips

The Museum has popular school programs available as in-person, digital, or both! Our programs are entertaining and educational for students. Don’t miss these experiences for you and your students!

CSRM Interpretive Programs and materials meet California Curriculum and Common Core educational standards.

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Self-Guided Field Trip

All Grade Levels

The California State Railroad Museum offers students and teachers an unparalleled look at the history of railroads in California and the West. After museum entry check-in and orientation, your group can explore the museum at their own pace! A downloadable Adventure Guide, a QR code tour, and docents throughout the museum supports the experience. Field trips reserved in advance are free.

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Horses to Horsepower

4th & 5th Grade

Hop on board to experience what it was like to build the nation’s first Transcontinental Railroad more than 150 years ago. This interactive program takes students through the history of the Transcontinental Railroad. Discover how Transcontinental Railroad reduced travel time, inspired innovation, encouraged western settlement, and enabled California’s agriculture industry to grow. Includes an opportunity to explore the Museum’s exhibits after the program. Designed to meet 4th grade curriculum standards. This free program is available for the 4th & 5th grades only.

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Westward Bound

4th & 5th Grade

Students explore what it was like to travel westward on the Transcontinental Railroad and how it made the transportation of people and goods easier, safer, and cheaper. Westward travel on the Transcontinental Railroad represented a triumph against time for nineteenth-century travelers. First-class tourists expected a luxurious travel experience, while emigrants wanted safe passage to start their new lives in California. Includes a train ride after the tour. This free program is available for the 4th & 5th grades only.

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Digital Programs & PORTScast

All Grade Levels

Participate in the virtual versions of our popular Horses to Horsepower or Westward Bound programs. These programs can be broadcast in the classroom or on each students’ devices. The Museum also offers a series of live, educational broadcasts through PORTScasts which are aimed at teachers, students, and families. All of our digital programs are free for all!

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School Train Rides

Add-On To Field Trip

For Tuesday and Thursday school groups: add an excursion train ride to your field trip! Pulled by one of our historic steam or diesel locomotives, this ride is the perfect hands-on compliment. Due to limited availability, not all schools will be able to take a train ride.

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Transportation Subsidies

We are pleased to offer our transportation subsidy program.

How To Apply: After you have booked your in-person school program, you will receive a link to apply for a transportation subsidy in your confirmation email.

Due to fund limitations, not all schools will be granted subsidies. Subsidies may be less than the entire amount requested. Preference is given to California public schools that receive Title I funding.

If you are selected to receive a subsidy, an invoice from the transportation company will be required. Checks will be sent to the school site after your visit. Schools will be notified within 60 days of application.

To follow up on your application or questions regarding the check for your school, please email [email protected].

Teachers' Resources

Guide: Chinese Railroad Workers Experience

This specially designed Teachers’ Guide provide a one-stop resource for teachers based on the Chinese Railroad Workers' Experience exhibit. Guides include: Comprehensive historical background information, bibliographic resource list, and plug-and-play writing, art, oral history, primary resource, and activities connected to the exhibit.


Junior Ranger Activity Guide

Students can completing the activities in this Adventure Guide as they travel through the Museum. Learn about everything from smokestacks to the Lost Golden Spike! Answers to the questions are found by exploring the Museum and reading exhibit information. Volunteers are happy to help students discover the Museum!


If you wish to create a booklet, download this version. Print this document double sided, and then fold to create the paper book to complete the adventure.

Guía de Aventuras de Guardeaparque Juvenil

Los estudiantes pueden completar las actividades de la guía de aventuras mientras viajan por el museo. ¡Aprenda sobre todo, desde chimeneas hasta el pico de oro perdido! Las respuestas a las preguntas se encuentran explorando el museo y leyendo la información de la exposición. ¡Los voluntarios estarán felices de ayudar a los estudiantes a explorar el museo!


Si desea crear un folleto, descargue esta versión en español. Imprima este documento a doble cara y luego dóblelo para crear un folleto para completar la aventura.


Please contact the California State Railroad Museum's Group Desk if you have any questions or to make reservations over the phone.

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(916) 323-9274