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Owney The Postal Dog

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"Owney the Postal Dog" tells the heartwarming true story of a homeless puppy who became the most well-traveled dog in the world. Owney, a friendly terrier mix, snuck into the Albany Post Office in 1888, and the postmen decided to keep him. One day Owney hopped into the mail car of a train bound for New York City. After returning home safe and sound, Owney soon set off on longer railroad journeys to Washington, D.C., Chicago, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Mexico. Everywhere he went, mail clerks hung tags and badges on his collar. In 1895 Owney embarked on his biggest adventure yet: a steamship trip around the world. Owney wore a tag that read: "To all who may meet this dog: Owney is his name. He is the pet of 100,000 postal clerks in the United States of America. He starts today, August 19, 1895, for a trip around the world. Treat him kindly and speed him on his journey across the ocean and land, to Yokohama, Hong Kong, and New York. From New York send him overland to Tacoma by fast mail."

Originally published in 1935, Owney's story continues to delight children with its timelessly fascinating subjects of transportation, world travel, and a lovable dog. This book is also perfect for anyone interested in the rich history of the Railway Post Office and the United States Postal Service, both of which Owney served during his lifetime.

Soft cover 50 pages.

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