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Sisters Of The Iron Road



Long anticipated and decades in the making, "Sisters of the Iron Road" is the first book that examines the women who have kept America’s railroads rolling for more than a century, with personal stories and striking photography spanning more than a century. Author Shirley Burman has drawn upon more than forty years of studying and photographing women railroaders to present their definitive story. She begins with women’s contributions to the early development of railroads, continuing through two world wars that gave women their first significant opportunities to handle traditional “man’s jobs” . . . and their slow but steady fight for equality in a challenging, dirty, but rewarding railroad environment. Burman has uncovered fascinating stories of women who overcame the odds and endured overwhelming hardships and sexism, but ultimately proved their resilience, strength and ingenuity. Burman never loses sight of their pride, their dignity, and above all, their colorful personalities. Her photographer’s eye has helped her assemble a rich collection of historic rail women portraits made both trackside and aboard the trains, capped with her own dynamic pictures. From engineers, brakemen, and conductors to clerks, machinists, and laborers… from bridge tender operators and yard masters to administrative assistants and management, Shirley Burman tells their inspiring stories in this beautiful book.

Author Shirley Burman, hardcover 289 pages.

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